Kaltern’s culinary concept

Eating (out) in Kaltern on the Wine Route

What do the Alps and the Mediterranean have in common? They both produce exquisite fare that could not, however, be more different. While up in the mountains you can savour speckknödel (cured ham dumplings) and schlutzkrapfen (pasta pockets), at the seaside it is fish dishes and frittata that reign supreme. In South Tyrol, however, the two are combined – after all, this little land sits right in between! 

The menus of Kaltern offer Alpine-Mediterranean cuisine, a mixture of no-nonsense cooking and culinary finesse that reflects both the society and the landscape, with its cypresses, herb gardens and mountain peaks: pizza meets knuckle of pork; brown trout meets beefsteak. All can be accompanied by a colourful salad, a glass of wine and plenty of “mmms” and “aahs”. A sorbetto for dessert – or would you prefer an apple strudel? A limoncello is definitely on the cards, however, as the icing on the cake (or whatever takes your fancy). Or perhaps a Montenegro on the rocks? What we’re trying to say is that Kaltern’s culinary concept is... diverse, versatile, genuine – and just right

You decide exactly how your holiday will be. Here are a few tips nonetheless:

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